92% of executives said soft skills
are equally or more
important than technical.

89% said they have a difficult time
finding qualified candidates


Few organizations pair career exposure + professional skills + internships, and few students born in low income neighborhoods are exposed to professional opportunities at a young age, resulting in:

  • Limited understanding of professional opportunities

  • Disconnection from institutional supports and social capital

  • Limited community investment

  • Few professional mentors

  • Limited internship access

  • Narrowed sense of role in the world   

  • Limited understanding that academic success = future opportunity

  • Lower grades

  • Higher dropout rates

  • Lower college attendance rates

  • Lack of internal motivation


The solution is a comprehensive, paid for, year professional development entrepreneurship program that puts students on a bath toward economic security and social influence.




  • Meet new professional, political, or civic leaders every week

  • KOC presenters tell students what they do for work, how they got there , and emphasize the academic skills they rely on in their job

2. Development

Our Sophomores…

  • Take KOC’s Social Entrepreneurship Course

  • Design and launch ventures that tackle a persistent problem in their communities

  • Assist with freshman programming



OUR juniors...

  • Complete internships in their career field of interest

  • Sustain and build their ventures

  • Receive free SAT / ACT tutoring and holistic college application support

  • Take KOC’s Leadership Course

4. Looking Forward


  • Continue to receive college application and decision-making assistance (essay writing, FAFSA, college visits, etc..)

  • Mentor freshman and sophomores

  • Take on leadership & managerial roles in their school’s KOC