Project Playtime Program

Our HOPE Project Playtime is a program that allows us to love the homeless children community of Washington DC with no strings attached, in hopes of building a better life and future for them. We’ve partnered with Homeless Children’s Playtime Project to reach different communities of homeless children in the DC area and put on fun, interactive, and learning workshops monthly. These workshops will be based on a monthly theme created by Homeless Children’s Playtime Project. Examples of different themes range from dinosaurs to fitness and nutrition to thanksgiving, etc. Each month, we’ll be able to take the children on an exciting adventure through a fun and engaging activity.

By volunteering at HOPE Playtime Project, you will take part in nurturing healthy child development and help reduce the effects of trauma among children living in temporary housing programs in Washington D.C. As a volunteer, your role will be to protect a child’s right to learn and heal through play by providing opportunities to simply be a child. Providing one-on-one attention to children who may not get the attention they deserve sends them the message that they are important. By being present, volunteers ensure that children enjoy play and recreation as a part of a normal, healthy childhood experience.

To volunteer with our Project Playtime Program, or to request more information click here