HOPE Mentor Program

The HOPE Mentor program is an exciting opportunity to work directly with at-risk local elementary school children and mentor them. The over-riding theme for the program is built upon the idea of building and fostering positive relationships with these children in order to positively impact their lives. The program is a partnership with Randolph Elementary Public School in Arlington, VA where we match HOPE volunteers to children in grades 4 and 5 for the full duration of the school year. Mentors are matched to mentees based on gender, as well as hobbies and interests. Mentors are given a full training on how to mentor a child and are asked to, at a minimum, visit with their child once a month, and check up on them on the phone once a week. Along with the personal relationship building of the mentor/mentee, we also hold monthly mentor nights at the school where all mentors and mentees come together and there are fun, educational lessons planned for the group by our program leads on the first Tuesday of every month. 

By volunteering at the HOPE Mentor Program, you will take part in providing a positive role model for at-risk children in need of guidance and encouragement. As a volunteer, your role will be to foster close relationships with the children and become a positive presence in their lives to guide them in their development. Providing one-on-one attention to children who may not get the attention they deserve sends them the message that they are important. By being present, volunteers ensure that children enjoy play and recreation as a part of a normal, healthy childhood experience, as well gain valuable educational resources and knowledge that will aid their academic development.

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